Dear Sirs!

Siberia Group of companies is the top-ranked company, which deliver services at the border entry point “Manzhouly – Zabaikalsk”. There are Company’s own offices in Manzhouly and Zabaikalsk, it enables to do our job with the customs fast, to control the process, and, in case of need, to make changes. 

We file the declarations while the cargo is still in China. 

Siberia Group of companies is the company of professionals, it has been opening since 2006 year and Company is ready to provide a full range of transportation and customs clearance of goods, including manufacturing loading schemes and obtaining certificates. 

Currently, Siberia Group of companies includes: 

• “SiberiaTrans transportation company” limited liability company

• “Transbaikal Transportation and Forwarding Company” limited liability company

• “Bureau of Design and Technology” limited liability company

• Customs & logistics centre “Siberia”

• Siberian center for certification and examination

The main services which provide by the Company at the border entry point “Manzhouly – 

1. General cargo transportation by railway and highway transportation

2. General cargo transportation by transit traffic to Ukraine, Belorussia and to the countries of European Community

3. Carriage of dangerous goods

4. Containerized cargo transportation

5. Multimodal transportation

6. Transportation of oversized and overweight cargo

7. Examination and certification of goods and services 

We’re pleased to offer You a new service of transportation of small cargo and assorted 

lading from China with delivery to any city of Russian Federation. Cargo consolidation makes in our 

warehouses in Manzhouly. High speed, cargo safety and all necessary documents.

Siberia Group of companies works on the principle of “one-window process”.

Address: Zabaikalsky Krai,Chita city,Kosciuszko – Grigorovich street No. 5

Business Centre MONTBLANC, office No. 205

Tel./Fax.: +7 (3022) 35 – 71 – 83; (3022) 35 – 71 – 93; (3022) 28 – 20 – 78